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2019 IPPAC Conference

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Previous Conference Resources:

2018 Conference

  • Thomas Joiner, Ph.D – Why People Die by Suicide – READ MORE

  • Michael A. Berry, M.D., Federal Air Surgeon – Mental Health in Airline Pilots – READ MORE

  • Gregory Pinnell, M.D., Senior Flight Surgeon, USAFR, AME consultant to Federal Air Surgeon –  Adjustment Disorders and Returning to Flying – READ MORE

  • Matthew Dumstorf, M.D., FAA Aerospace Medical Certification Division – FAA AME and FAA AMCD DUI Processing – READ MORE

  • Dr Rob Bor and Aedrian Bekker, Centre for Aviation Psychology –  PSPs: Lessons from the field – READ MORE

  • Quay Snyder, MD, MSPH, Aviation Medicine Advisory Service – Looking Forward In Aviation Mental Health – READ MORE

  • Carlos Porges, Psy.D., A.B.P.P., Clinical Neuropsychologist – Tips for PEER PILOT VOLUNTEERS: Decision making and Risk assessment – READ MORE

  • CA Dave Fielding – British Airways/BALPA Pilot Assistance Network – READ MORE



2019 Conference

  • CA Charlie Curreri, MA, LPC, CEAP, Senior Manager Project Wingman, American Airlines – Peer Support and Just Culture: A Literature Review – READ MORE

  • CA Chess Fulton, Chairman, SWAPA Project LIFT- How Project LIFT Works – READ MORE

  • CA Dave Fielding, British ALPA PAN –  What’s Going On In Europe? – READ MORE

  • CA Lynn Tatum, United SOAR PSP – United Pilots Peer Support Program – READ MORE

  • Dr Rob Bor & Aedrian Bekker, Clinical & Aviation Psychologists, Centre for Aviation Psychology – The CAP PSP Model & Micro-separation in Pilot Relationships – READ MORE

  • Kris M. Belland DO, MPH, MBA, MSS, FAsMA, Chief Medical Officer, American Airlines – READ MORE

  • Dr. Patrick J. Carnes – Nature of Addictions, Cost, Hazards, Depth and Breadth – READ MORE

  • Dr. Patrick J. Carnes – Pilot Profile and Job Vulnerabilities  – READ MORE 

  • Penny Giovanetti, D.O., MSPH, Director, Medical Specialties Division, FAA – Mental Health and Aeromedical Certification – READ MORE

  • Quay Snyder, MD, MSPH, Aviation Medicine Advisory Service; Aeromedical Advisor, Air Line Pilots Assn, Int’l; HIMS Program manager – Peer Pilot Assistance Best Practices – READ MORE

  • Sally Spencer-Thomas, Psy.D., MNM – Up on the High Wire, Building Resilience for Tough Times – READ MORE

  • FO Ellen Brinks – Pilot Peer Support at ALPA, International  – READ MORE

  • Thomas Anthony, USC Aviation Safety and Security – Avoiding Another Germanwings – READ MORE

  • Vanita Halliburton, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Grant Halliburton Foundation – Teen Mental Health Issues – READ MORE

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